Texting SeaMan

Sunday, May 12, 2013
A new man wrote to me!  The first new guy since the Traveler more than a month ago.  Whee!  I keep thinking I am done with Ashley Madison.  And then another interesting man writes and I feel new hope and… I take another chance. 
Step 1: Saturday very late –

He sent me a message on AM.
“Liked your profile.  Would luv to learn more.
Yahoo IM (easier to chat there) or phone number (text me) . “
Hmm… short, not very impressive.  He could have sent that message to anyone.  No man has given me his phone number in a first message.  Feels like hopping directly to the third rung of the ladder. 
Checked his profile.  Wow… very nice.  Lots of juicy text. Very nautical.  And he gave me the key to two photos.  Him on a sailboat in a very famous place far away, and his eyes very close up.  Hmm… 6 ft tall, 195 pounds, bald but nice red/white beard, and a twinkle in his eye.  I decided to sleep on it.    
Step 2: Sunday 
I decided to text him.  Never started out that way.  I used my Google Voice # so he can’t ID me.  
Wow, this is tricky.  Brevity is not my forte.  (You knew that already!) But here goes: 
TEXT:  2:03 pm 
Hiya Skipper, permission to come aboard? Sassy here.  More later?  Hugs with groping!  -S
No response.  Hmmm.
With an email, I can tell myself he doesn’t look at that account except at work, or something.  With a text… pretty much have to assume he saw it and didn’t respond.  How could he resist my boat jargon?Maybe he was away from his phone for Mother’s Day?  Not likely.  Ah well…

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