Deli dinner

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Good morning! Event day! The eclairs make me think of you. Yum.

8:47am Phil 
Ha ha! Funny. Enjoy the day!
One hour until we start! There’s a phrase you use… “a lot of moving pieces.” One of THOSE days, w/ the new uber-boss in the mix. The weather is perfect, my staff are wonderful. Telling myself it will be fine. Whee!
2:31pm Phil 
I have those every day. Somehow the Bigwig thinks I’m an integral part of his staff and I have tasks galore. Enjoy the churn, it’s kind of fun!

Ah, the perils of being popular. You are a great guy! Everyone wants you around. If you were here I’d have some special tasks for you.

Yummy dinner out at the S&S Deli

Cheesy French Onion Soup
Baked scrod & rice pilaf

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