Monday, April 22, 2013
Good morning! Headed back to the office to mop up from missing Friday and roll along. Have a marvelous Monday kid.

11:42am Phil 
Have a great day! 60 here! Going for a bike ride I think! Guys who say they will call and then don’t are cowardly assholes and not worth your time. Good riddance

Enjoy the bike and send us that weather! It is beautiful here but cold – 40’s. I’ve decided things happen for a reason and I am better off without such cads. I am taking a break. The folks in the chat room gave me different ways to think about things. Moving along! Hugs with groping to you kid!
11:47am Phil 
I like hugs and groping

I have the worst urge to put my hands on you! No messing around… going straight between your legs! Bad bad Sass…
11:49am Phil 

What would you grab?

12:04pm Phil 
Your hand because I’m a gentleman

I want to fuck that gentleman.

12:12pm Phil 
Well aren’t we frisky this morning. I do like your tight pussy.

There is something about having come through a crisis alive that makes me very horny. And you are the best one at taking care of that!

1:57pm Phil 
That’s not a bad thing

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