Trying AM Chat

Saturday, April 20, 2013
I decided to try AM chat tonight.  I haven’t done it for a long time because it costs men a lot of money, and attracts THE WORST spellers and the men looking to collect photos.  None of that appeals!  But I was home alone and bored, so I turned on that feature about 9 pm.
Very quickly, a guy pinged me.  He had an uninspired user name – 3 letters and 3 numbers that don’t mean anything to me and don’t produce anything when I google except that he’s on other dating sites like Adult Friend Finder, Plenty of Fish and a couple swinger/swap sites.  He was polite, with good spelling, and didn’t start off with crude offers.  I clicked on his profile… hmm.  He has my ideal stats – my age, tall, with some weight on him.  Wow.  If he’s telling the truth, he lives about three miles away, but in a very different part of town that is a mix of insular street toughs and yuppies gentrifying the neighborhood.  I wonder which he is?  
He is easy to talk with, asks good questions, tells funny stories.  He doesn’t ask for a photo.  His wife is away for the weekend and he’s lonely.  So he has hopped onto AM to find someone for RIGHT NOW.  He wants me to come over to his house!  Shades of Craigslist.  Yetch.  Yeah… so not happening!!!  I tell him this is way too fast for me, not my style.  He keeps typing. 
He asks if he can see me, wants to call me to make a plan.  Even that seems too much too soon, but I decide it can’t hurt.  We’ve been chatting for two hours and I feel a real connection.  He says he has to walk the dog – he will be back in 15 minutes and we can talk then.  I look at the clock… it’s 11 pm.  Wow!  Time flies when you have a nice man to talk with! 
I go catch up on Facebook, read a few emails, glancing at the clock.  Finally it’s been 15 minutes and… nothing.  I wait.  I type a little something to be sure the AM chat is still active.  30 minutes… 45… it’s midnight.  
Silence.  Grrr… I wonder if he got mugged and is lying in a gutter.  I wonder if his wife called.  Did he get a better offer?  I wonder… if I am an idiot.  I turn off AM’s chat feature and resolve never to turn it back on.  I don’t need this roller coaster ride!  
Maybe you can tell me why a guy would talk to me for two hours, tell me he wants to meet tonight, and if not, then for lunch tomorrow, ask to talk on the phone to settle the details and then…NOT CALL?!  No call, no email, no message on AM.  When did the lie start?

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