Running into it

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Good morning! Life goes on!
8:24am Phil 
Yes it does. Hope the FBI does their job and finds these sons of bitches. Proud of the 1st responders, National Guard, and civilians who ran into the fray and helped. That to me is what makes this country what it is. While most ran away, they ran into the middle of it. My kind of people!

One or two people did something evil yesterday, but hundreds and hundreds reacted with the best of humanity! I know you are one of those… yet another reason I love you. Hope you have a great Tuesday!
2:35pm Phil 
Well thank you. I’m just not bright enough to run in the right direction

I don’t believe that for a moment… you always seems to run and figure out what needs to be done and gather people to do it!
5:36 pm 
Had a great casual supper out tonight at a pizza place with a creative chef! 
Chili with poblano rice & corn and gyoza @ City Slicker Cafe

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