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Saturday, April 13, 2013
FYI – Remember that family in the big house by the river down the road from you? The dad died of cancer Friday night about 8:20 pm.  [obituary URL]  The daughter is one of Sis’ best friends.  
9:56am Phil
Awww, sorry to hear that.
Off to lunch with Mom.  Have a super Saturday!
11:08am Phil
You too Sass, enjoy! Doing my taxes in the snow.
[photo of his smiling face at home]
Gosh…what fun!  Ugh. 
Thanks for sharing your sexy smile!
11:36am Phil
[photo of his smiling face and naked shoulders]
OH MY! shoulders…swoon!!
Makes me want to bite
While you are buried inside
1:44pm Phil
Sure, laugh…you rascal!
What about something hot for breakfast?
Figures… FB is censoring again.  Grrrr… I emailed it.
Hope that works.  Enjoy.
12 minutes

Off to Hubby’s project meeting with Mom.  Have a great evening, kid!
11:54pm Phil
Damn that was hot!
Yup. Glad you liked it. 
11:56pm Phil
Watching it again
12:13am Phil
Damn, you have the best stuff, thanks!
You are very welcome.  When he came twice I knew I had to send it to you.  One of the better ones I’ve seen in a while.
12:14am Phil
Loved watching him eat her pussy and ass
Was awesome, still hard from watching
Her reaction at the end was so hot… he took very good care of her.
12:16am Phil
[photo of his erect cock]
Oh hell yeah
Wow… want THAT.
12:17am Phil
Not as nice as the guy in the movie but stays hard for multiple times too
I thought yours is better… his was… lopsided!
12:18am Phil
But unlike the guy in the movie, this one has cum in your pussy and mouth
This was naked in your kitchen and in your bed
And this one made you cum
I remember it slamming me from behind about 15 minutes after we got to the hotel!
12:21am Phil
My tongue was in your pussy within moments
You acted surprised to find my tongue inside you and pleased to have my cock inside you
Hot hot hot hot
That was soooo much fun!
12:23am Phil
Yes it was, great sex, great food, loved it
I wanted to fuck you the first time I had your ass in my hands.
Took awhile but worth the wait.
You’re making me blush… you are so sweet.
12:25am Phil
I’m glad
You ever learn to use that dildo?
Hope so
No.  *sigh
I have learned a lot since you’ve seen me… watched a lot of porn!
12:29am Phil
Trying to work a trip to New England.
Maybe you could show me. Love to enjoy your new skills
I suppose I could…
I’ve been focusing on blow jobs…
12:30am Phil
Or we can just have lobster,
You were already pretty good there
I’ve learned to look up.
12:31am Phil
That’s very hot
To lick… instead of just sucking.
12:31am Phil
Also hot, sucking, a little hand, licking, all fabulous
To finger fuck your ass in the same rhythm as my mouth!
12:32am Phil
I love that, feels amazing

Maybe you can help me break in my toys?
12:33am Phil
Love to.
Damn… you make me smile.  So wide.
12:35am Phil
Good for you
Are there other things you want to try?  BJs… vibes… hmmm…
12:41am Phil
I want to bury my cock balls deep and fuck your tight pussy till you cum.
Then I,d like that blowjob. Love to feel your tongue, fingers, toy in my ass too
You do make the best plans.
12:42am Phil
This conversation is having an effect on me.
12:43am Phil
Good, hope your pussy gets a little moist
Heh… one word… DRIPPING!
12:44am Phil
Like to fuck your tits and cum on your face too
And mouth of course
Okay… clenching, too!  Rawr!
12:44am Phil
Dripping is good
Oh yes… please please please
12:45am Phil
Love those juices running between your legs and down your ass
The way you set me on fire?  No problem.
12:48am Phil
Love it, like to spank your clit with my cock
hot dog in my bun!
12:49am Phil
Oh yeah, sounds like fun
Oooof… I want to touch that skinny body. 
12:55am Phil
Like to put my hot dog in your bun
Can you imagine it?
Rubbing up and down… mmmm…
12:55am Phil
I can, I can
My dick is dripping, just tasted, sweet
12:56am Phil
Dream big… we’ll make it happen!
12:58am Phil
Needs a hot mouth, pussy, ass
[photo of his erect cock] 
Crap… I want to show that to the back of my throat!
Come here kid… right here… >points to my mouth!
1:02am Phil
That feels incredible, love fucking your hot mouth
Loved cumming in your mouth
My mind is racing… you say just a few words and my mind goes nuts and my body… mmmm.  la la la
1:08am Phil
I’m glad, I hope your fingers find their way to your dripping pussy
I’ve been pressing down with the heel of my hand… tugging at the lips… mmmmf….
1:09am Phil
Nice, rub that sensitive clit
I’m just stroking my cock, licking pre cum off my fingers
Oh!  I wish it was my hand!
1:15am Phil
Me too or your mouth. Sent you a clip
1:15 am TEXT
26 sec video of him pumping his cock, with a beautiful drop of pre-cum
Holy shit that is HOT! Thank you!!!!
1:17am Phil
My pleasure!
Something to enjoy while you get off
I may wear that one out!
1:24am Phil
If you do, I’ll send you another with a cum shot
oh my.  You are like the Big Bopper!
You knooooow what I like!
1:26am Phil
Ha ha! I’m off to bed Sass.  Glad I was able to get you hot and bothered. Wish I’d been able to shoot that load down your throat
I have a good memory of when you did… will run thru it.
Sleep well, sweet man.
Nite babe

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