The best lamb

Monday, April 1, 2013
Good morning!
9:05am Phil
Good morning!  Have a great week!
Good Easter?  Hymns? Wine? Dinner?
Hubby was a shit.  Wouldn’t go to dinner.
So I had fun w/o him!  Sis made the best lamb!  Yum!
2:40pm Phil
He sucks! Glad you still had fun!
My dinner.
3:00pm Phil
Those are lamb chops
Wow… those are a thing a beauty!  Encrusted in what?  I keep hoping that photo is a little door I can open and grab some, which could come in handy with more than food.  Yum.
6:21pm Phil
LOL, it’s mushrooms and they were just delicious!
Do you remember the little lady who sat in the back pew at church?  She was a third grandmother to us.  She adored lamp chops. We gave them to her for Christmas one year, raw out of the fridge, wrapped in butcher paper, ready to cook.  She was so tickled!  They always make me think of her and smile.

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