Dreaded Noro Virus

Friday, March 29, 2013
 9:13am Phil
Any better?
A little… barfing has stopped.  Still have fever, aches, liquid diarrhea and can’t keep my eyes open for more than about 30 min!  IT SUCKS!
9:15am Phil
You need a doctor
[photo of him smiling outside]
Weirdest thing is no hunger… have to make myself eat a little but my mind says “Nooooo!”  Trying to drink a lot of water, keep from getting dehydrated.  Bleh. I think it’s the dreaded noro virus that’s been going around.  I’ve never had anything like it!  
9:18am Phil
Just take it easy! I don’t like being sick and certainly not like that. Only been that sick a couple times and it was food poisoning each time. Thought I was gonna die
I hope it’s food poisoning… that usually gets over in about 24 hrs.
I can’t remember ever being this sick to my stomach, so tired. Thanks for letting me whine…
Kept dinner down!  Yay!  I think I’ve turned the corner.  Have a great weekend!

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