Wedge Overlook

Sunday, March 24, 2013
Palm Sunday!  Hope you have a great one!
Hubby went to a sex party last night.  
Once again I wonder about my life.  Sigh.
9:00am Phil
Happy Palm Sunday!  
Sex party?! Great………. Not my thing, sorry Sass
Me neither.  I can’t believe the number of ways he is indiscreet!
10:01am Phil
A smile for you. 
[photo of him at the gym]

He needs to be indastreet

You really know how to turn my day around!  I have been giggling and drooling all day!  Thank you kid.
Have you ever heard of The Wedge Overlook on the San Rafael Swell in Utah?  I never had… sort of a little Grand Canyon.  Here’s a one minute video of it… amazing scenery.

Wedge Overlook, San Rafael Swell, Utah

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