Friday, March 15, 2013 
Happy Friday!  Payroll for me. Hope you have a fun day!
11:20am Phil
Happy Friday! I’m trying, lot of high level meetings
4:52pm Phil
I just went from not knowing where they’d put me to sitting in another big chair! How do I get myself into this shit?
Congrats, you idiot.
Not surprised… you thrive on that stuff.
This gets you a big raise, right? 
4:58pm Phil
Much more work, no raise. The boss liked the proposal and ideas, apparently a lot.
But you are still leaving soon?
4:59pm Phil
Oh yeah.
I’m going to kick start it and do all nasty work which is telling people what they don’t want to hear and then turn it over to the next person in a few months.
Sounds like fun!
Keep you out of trouble. 
5:01pm Phil
I need help!
Requisition it. Form ZX-6-55JQE-HELP, right?

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