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FredRRoberts sent you a message
Age: 63
Location: Key Biscayne, Florida, United States
Height: 6’4″ (193cm)
Weight: 220 lbs (100kg) – Fit
My Limits Are: Anything Goes
Status: Attached Male seeking Females
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Mar 3 – 3:03 pm
Hi there. You are my type, and I’m exactly what you’re looking for–I meet your profile.

Come to Boston regularly and will be there on March 14-15–can we meet?


It was a quiet week on the Ashley Madison front.  On Sunday, I heard from a new man. 
The above is what an email from Ashley Madison used to look like.  Rather odd.  The magenta row across the top has links that take you directly to the site.  
On this day, it was from a “Traveling Man,” AM’s name for a man looking for a woman somewhere far from their home.  AM gives them a special deal so they can blanket their destination with messages to a lot of women.  So message is not specific and often the guy is not someone I am interested in at all.  However, the basics on this man were tempting – tall, in the age range I’ve had success with, not too skinny, and a simple message with no typos! 
I find the idea of a traveling man very attractive, if he visits regularly.  Free dinner and the hotel on his expense account, likely well-off and well-traveled with interesting stories, and on a regular schedule with advanced warning.  Far from almost anyone who would recognize him.  Right? 
I googled his user name – a Celtics basketball player!  Hmmm… someone with Boston-area roots I’m guessing.  I looked at the rest of his profile.  There wasn’t much more there, but it was very forthright and different from any other I’ve seen in that it stated his kink right up front. It looked something like this – I think all of thees are checkboxes he checked.  Or maybe he wrote the second section? 

Preferences and encounters I am open to:
Conventional Sex, Light Kinky Fun, Being Submissive/Slave, Bondage, Fetishes, Spanking, Role Playing, Erotic Tickling, Experimenting with Sex Toys, Threesome, Open to Experimentation, Erotic Movies, Aggressiveness, Sensual Massage, Extended Foreplay/Teasing, Likes to Give Oral Sex, Likes to Receive Oral Sex, Kissing, Cuddling & Hugging, Sharing Fantasies, Sex Talk
What really turns me on:
BBW, Naughty Girl, Sense of Humor, Imagination, Creative and Adventurous, Aggressive/Take Charge Nature, High Sex Drive
What an interesting mixture, eh?  He likes BBWs!  Many things I find very attractive, yet one big kink – a submissive.  
I thought hard about this… do I have an “Aggressiv/Take Charge Nature?”  Um… not so much.  I’m not submissive but I am certainly not a domme.  Could I role play, act it for a night?  I’ve never done it… how can I know if I’d like it or not?  What if I really didn’t like it?   If I was going to try it, I’d want to talk for quite awhile first, set expectations and…. I can’t do this.  I decided not to answer him.

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