Front and back

Monday, February 18, 2013 President’s Day 
11:51am Phil
Hope your day is good!
Just attended my first Jewish funeral.  The young son of a project friend died of epileptic seizure during 1st yr at college
8:01pm Phil
That sucks
Yup.  Hubby said “With all the old jerks in the world, why did this fun, smart, creative, sweet young kid have to go?”  So sad…
8:03pm Phil
I know so sad. Always tears me up
His mother, our friend, spoke beautifully.  Amazing she could do that.
Family still around?
8:05pm Phil
All gone.  I’m headed to see a show. 
Time to see a couple naked photos?
11:06pm Phil
Hell yeah!
They’re me… first my back. Be kind…
Now my front.
1:18am Phil
I’ve seen both sides. I like em both
Hot pussy shot!
Great shots!
3:16am Phil
Pussy looks wet like maybe a finger has recently been there. 
Back shot looks good! What are these for?
Got my dick hard if that’s the purpose, good shots

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