Saturday, February 16, 2013
It’s snowing again!  Big fluffy flakes.  
How’s your day? Family behaving?  Enjoy!
Oh!  Almost forgot… I got laid yesterday.  Nice older man I met online.  Whee!  That should make me a little calmer for a while.  🙂
11:15am Phil
Good for you! Hope it was good! Relieved is how I feel!
[photo of him outside]
Cold here
[photo of him right out of the shower -naked shoulders..mmm]
[photo of his gorgeous cock]
[photo of him with his family]
Wow!  Thanks for the photos! 
Brrr… Yum…Hi to Tommy & your mom!  Relief sounds good!
11:24am Phil
Have fun babe! Life’s short!
Sex was good!  He focused on me first!  My first time touching an uncut guy!  Rest is a jumble.  No emo… just fun.  He travels a lot, asked to see me again in March before we left the room!  Doesn’t seem like “something I would do” but better than nothing!  Makes me miss you!!
Off for lunch with Mom.  Have fun with the fam!

1:30 pm
Hot and sour soup!

2 thoughts on “Uncut

  1. Tom says:

    Speaking of uncut cock, I’m glad that was a picture of soup and not a sausage.

    Having now, er, sampled both, do you have a preference?

    (Between cut and uncut cocks, not between soup and sausage.)

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