Meet Mr Hyatt

February 15, 2013 6:58 am Text from Teddy 
Woke up with a hard cock, with your name on it-thank you.
Oh demure wench, so desiring of you and your flesh, mouth, lips, nipples wanting to be nibbled, thighs to excite, pussy to finger and suck, ass cheeks to massage.
Want and will explode on and in you. AND so looking forward to exciting and stimulating your entire body with multiple orgasms.
Good Morning.
9:45 am Text to Teddy 
Good morning!  Wow… you know how to start a lady’s day off right!
9:55 am Text from Teddy
You are welcome
You realize YOU bring it out of me.
and I so enjoy and look forward to making it real.
12:24 pm Text from Teddy
801 Hyatt
12:24 PM Text to Teddy
Showered, shaved, clipped, deodorized, lip glossed, lucky black bra…READY to rock your world?  Oh yes!
12:25 pm Text to Teddy
Heading over NOW! You okay? 
12:25 pm Text from Teddy
Excited.  You? 
12:26 pm Text to Teddy
12:45 pm Text to Teddy
Almost there!
It was like a plot to keep me from getting there.  A big crane was blocking traffic!  Everything stopped for a couple of minutes while it moved snow from the road and then finally backed into an alley. 
Then there was the bus full of athletes being let out at the Hyatt that blocked the entrance for five solid minutes. 
I finally pulled into the parking garage, found a spot on the third floor, found my way to the elevator down to the lobby, then took the glass elevator up to the 8th floor and found the first room on the right – #801!  I knocked decisively.  I waited about 30 seconds, then he opened the door. 
I was determined to get my hands and mouth on him before he could look at me, so I grabbed him for a hug.  I put him off balance, so he slammed back into the wall… oops!  He grabbed me and moaned, and I kissed him!  We had a fierce tongue battle and a bunch of groping.  Yay!  I finally backed off.

Ted Knight

“Do I look okay?” he asked.  
“Oh yes! Do I?” I asked, twirling around in the middle of the room.  I set my stuff on the credenza.  I had a tote bags with bottled water and chocolate-covered potato chips.  I looked out the window at the view of the city.  
“I wonder if I can see my place?  Nope,” I said.
“Where do you want to go now?” he asked.  
“Heaven,” I answered. 
“Come here, let’s go together!” he called to me.  I sat on the edge of the bed next to him.  He pulled me over half on top of him and we kissed more. 
He played with my silky scarf, joked about it coming in handy later, having lots of uses.  He unbuttoned my top and marveled at my cleavage, sticking his fingers and then his nose between my breasts.  He took off all my clothes, stroking what he exposed, ended up between my legs with his hands and mouth on me.   He is very fast and forceful, plunging into me and stroking my clit.  It was rather rough but effective.  I told him to slow down and swipe, and he did.
He has a running chatter, “Oh Yes!  Look at those gorgeous pussy lips!  I adore fleshy lips!  I’m going to taste them, you bet I am.  And you taste so good!  Ummmmmm….. you like that darling?  You want to cum for me? Come on, cum… you can… relax… let go…”  It was quite amazing to run into a talker, and one who would say what he’s going to do and compliment my body.  
He pulled me down to the end of the bed and got up to take off his clothes.  He asked me to undo his belt buckle and take off his white bikini underwear.  I chatted at him while I did that.  
“Oh, I do adore the sound of a buckle… unbuckling… and a zipper…. unzipping… oh yeah…”, and “Oh my!  A first for me!” I exclaimed as his lovely erect cock was exposed.  
“What’s that my dear?” he asked.
“An uncut man,” I explained, as I touched him.  He was a medium length, quite wide, hooded masterpiece.  I remembered that one of the chat ladies has a theory that men not born in this country are more likely to be uncut, and this was another data point to confirm that.   He was surprised, said he didn’t want to ask about my sexual experience but he would have thought I’d have seen others.  
We progressed to me sucking on him… licking him… he asked me not to touch him with my hand, just use my mouth.  This confused me, but I did what he asked.  Why wouldn’t he want my talented hands on him?  
He was very excited and I thought I might get to swallow, but he pulled me away, turned me over and went inside me doggie style.  He set a frantic pace… pulling me on and off.  He said nice things about my back side as he slammed in and out of me.  I held on for dear life, and tried to enjoy but it was a bit frantic for me.  He reached for a condom on the night stand and I heard foil tear then momentary silence, and more pumping.  He released inside me with a loud moan and collapsed next to me on the bed.

I got up to get the bottled water and the chocolate potato chips.  We re-hydrated and shared the sweet crunchy treats.  He was skeptical but after the first taste, ate several more and made nice noises.

He somehow thought sex would be the key to unlock all my secrets.  He asked me where I work.  I demurred.  He asked my real name.  No, sorry.  Then he wanted to know where I live.  Um… no.  Really… no.  He talked along, trying to trick me, telling me things, telling me I should reciprocate.  Ugh.  I closed my eyes and pretended to rest.  He snoozed a little which gave me a break from the interrogation. 

The short nap re-energized him and he started playing with my chest.  Then he dropped a bombshell.  His profile said he was 55 but he was really… 65!  Not that a number matters but… wow.  He said when he puts anything above 59 on his profile, replies stop.  I pondered whether I would have answered and decided he was probably right.  But still… 10 years.  Wow.  
He asked me to roll over on top of him and go again.  I was worried about squishing him, but he said to go for it and I did and it was fun!  He held my hips and pounded up from underneath me… yum.  
We talked more, cuddled together.  He told me stories about his travels, his work, his family.  
He pulled me around again and went back inside me with my legs on his shoulders.  I watched his face as the pleasure rolled through him.  
We cuddled some more.  He asked if I would see him again.  I was surprised… most men don’t ask during the first meet.  He said he’d be away on vacation for a couple of weeks, and then away on business for a bit but as soon as he got back… he wanted to see me.   I smiled and said I would think about it.  I offered to go out for dumplings with him but he said he had to get home.

He showered and I got dressed.  He gave me a big hug and a deep kiss and escorted me out the door.  I walked to the garage.  

I sat in my car in the garage and called Hubby, asked if he wanted any food from Mary Chung’s. He asked me to order his favorites.  I got a message from Teddy!  Wow.  No need to wonder when he’d contact me.  
5:08 pm Text from Teddy
Thank you for a very nice afternoon.  Enjoyed you immensely. 
5:30 pm Text to Teddy
Thank you, Teddy!  You are a delight!  I went by Mary Chung’s on my way home… mmmm. 

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