Virginity anniversary

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Good morning!  I lost my virginity on this day in 1977!  Whee!  
Have a super Tuesday!
8:20am Phil
1977?  Where the hell was I?
8:30am Phil
Would have loved to be there!  Enjoy the day! 
Having dinner out this evening.  
Weren’t you in a dorm room that weekend losing yours?
I wish, too.  Would have been better!  
Have fun eating out!
8:42am Phil
IN 77?  Yes!  In an apartment downstate.  Freaky.
Ah life, trying to capture moments and opportunities now.  I missed a lot.
Good for you!
I’m reading my fantasy about us losing our virginity at camp…much better!  🙂
1:01pm Phil
Ahhhh, love that place!

7:30 pm
Hope you had a delicious dinner out!  Here’s a shot of my seafood risotto from the Swanton Street Diner in Winchester.  They were very sorry – out of scallops and wanted to know if they could put in more lobster! Ha ha. SURE!  

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