IM Friday Feb 8, 2013
10:50 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
10:50 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
10:51 PM Sassy: hiya!
10:51 PM SmoothGuy: Enjoying the storm ?
10:51 PM SmoothGuy: Hi
10:51 PM Sassy: bored but fine.
10:51 PM Sassy: You?
10:52 PM SmoothGuy: Love this weather.
10:52 PM Sassy: Why?.
10:52 PM SmoothGuy: As long as power stays on
10:53 PM SmoothGuy: Why? Just the power of nature.
10:53 PM Sassy: It is impressive!
10:53 PM Sassy: I have all the essentials – ice cream, chips, chili cheese dogs…
10:53 PM SmoothGuy: Btw, only have 5 minutes or so but wanted to say hi.
10:54 PM SmoothGuy: Me too – chocolate wine and cheese
10:54 PM Sassy: hee hee
10:54 PM Sassy: not sure why storms make me hungry
10:54 PM Sassy: and horny!
10:55 PM SmoothGuy: I think it’s the comforting instinct
10:55 PM Sassy: An AM guy who had not written in ages offered to come over and “plow my driveway”
10:56 PM SmoothGuy: Food and sex. Yes.
10:56 PM SmoothGuy: Creative
10:56 PM Sassy: Too bad I don’t own one.
10:56 PM SmoothGuy: Are you being plowed later?
10:57 PM Sassy: Do you have the right equipment?
10:57 PM SmoothGuy: Oh yes!
10:57 PM SmoothGuy: Needs to get used soon
10:58 PM Sassy: I can think of some uses
10:58 PM SmoothGuy: Might need some lubrication
10:59 PM SmoothGuy: Such as….
10:59 PM Sassy: plugging a hole
11:00 PM Sassy: comforting
11:00 PM Sassy: exciting
11:00 PM Sassy: teasing
11:00 PM Sassy: tantilizing
11:01 PM SmoothGuy:  
11:02 PM SmoothGuy: Did we ever discuss your favorite position? I may want to study up 
11:03 PM Sassy: Depends on the day. : )
11:03 PM Sassy: doggie’s great
11:03 PM Sassy: the deck chair is fun
11:04 PM Sassy: the head over the bed sucking is nice
11:04 PM Sassy: you?
11:04 PM SmoothGuy: Enjoy doggie a lot! How does the deck chair work?
11:07 PM SmoothGuy: Head over the bed  You on top and me sucking on your nipples may be a bit of heaven.
11:07 PM Sassy: yum
11:08 PM SmoothGuy: Nice and slow. Deep penetration. Deep kissing.
11:09 PM Sassy: basically my legs on your shoulders. Whee!
11:10 PM Sassy: animations are oddly mesmerizing
11:11 PM SmoothGuy: Of course, my favorite is you lying naked on the bed, legs elevated and me spending a half hour bringing you to climax with my tongue
11:11 PM Sassy: very nice
11:12 PM Sassy: saw a new one recently… hard to explain, will have to demonstrate… mostly my legs over your hips, you bent at the waist, beside me, pressing in from under
11:12 PM Sassy: able to touch here or there or kiss while doing it
11:13 PM SmoothGuy: Nice web link I approve
11:13 PM Sassy: I adore trying new angles, mixing it up
11:14 PM SmoothGuy: Nice one to try. Love to experiment too.
11:15 PM SmoothGuy: Need to run. Have a good night. Hope we explore some angles together!
11:15 PM  Sassy: Mwah!

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