You totally rock

Thursday, February 7, 2013
7:46am Phil
How cool is this!  I like the internet-controlled egg! You wear that baby and all day long, get little surprises.
Oh, yeah.  Hee hee…Happy Thursday!

I’m off to a private meeting with the boss’ boss.  HR said she’s concerned about my boss and wants my side of the story.  Gulp.  So hate being in the midst of politics!

9:35am Phil
Oh lord, I have been in many of those and it always sucks! Careful!
It went well!  The upshot is my boss is not a manager, I should try to help him do better and she’ll talk with HR to clear my record!   Not believing that, but they get that I’m good and he’s an idiot. But I have to keep trying to make him happy.
Now on to worrying about the impending storm’s effect on work and my project on Saturday.   Whee!
11:56am Phil
Do I say often enough that you are awesome?  You totally rock.
5:32pm Phil
Why thank you!

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