Mostly licking you

 IM   February 4, 2013 
11:28 PM    SmoothGuy: Hi up tonight?
11:44 PM   Sassy: Yes!
11:45 PM   Sassy: Still there?
11:45 PM   Sassy: Ugh… I’ve got to figure out how to hear it when you ping…
11:45 PM   SmoothGuy: I’m here.
11:45 PM   SmoothGuy: Maybe I should spam you. In a nice way  🙂
11:48 PM   Sassy: Mwah!
11:48 PM   SmoothGuy: Ping
11:48 PM   SmoothGuy: Ping
11:48 PM   Sassy: You have a fun weekend?
11:48 PM   SmoothGuy: Ping 🙂
11:49 PM   SmoothGuy: Very tiring. Though no reason to complain. How about yourself?
11:49 PM   Sassy: Very low key… nice
11:50 PM   Sassy: thought about you!
11:50 PM   SmoothGuy: In a naked way, I hope!
11:52 PM   Sassy: oh yes…
11:53 PM   Sassy: In a naked very hard breathing funny moaning kinda way
11:54 PM   SmoothGuy: Now you are just making me hard again …. Like picturing you naked
11:55 PM   Sassy: Do you picture touching me?
11:55 PM   Sassy: or me touching you?
11:57 PM   SmoothGuy: Me touching you big time. Mostly licking you
11:57 PM   Sassy: mmmm
11:59 PM   SmoothGuy: Wanted to ask you if you might be free to meet the weekend of the 16th?
11:59 PM   Sassy: Sure
11:59 PM   Sassy: You know it’s a holiday weekend, right?
IM   February 5, 2013 
12:01 AM SmoothGuy: Yep, but not for me  I’m thinking that Saturday. May take a “me day” and go “gambling”
12:06 AM SmoothGuy: Hey good night. Need to go. Have a nice day tomorrow.
12:06 AM Sassy: Night, sweets

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