Busy day

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Wicked windy and pouring rain!  Up early prepping for cleaners!  Whee!  Having breakfast out w/ Hubby, then fancy schmancy lunch w/ sis!  No office!  Have a great Thursday, kid!

9:22 am

Irish eggs benedict @ Renee’s Cafe, Somerville

1:44 pm
Lunching with Sis and prominent ladies at Menton.   So trendy!

4:55 pm
I got a new phone!  Yay!

6:46 pm
What a busy day!  Finishing up with Chinese dinner with Hubby.  Yum.

Banana spring rolls at PF Chang’s 

One thought on “Busy day

  1. Measha Stone says:

    Sounds like an awesome day. Those banana spring rolls look awesome… now to find a PF Changs near me.

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