SmoothGuy Squeeze

From: SmoothGuy
To: Sassy
Sent: Jan 27, 2013 9:36 am
Subject: First photos
Good morning!
Need to mention again that you are pretty amazing! You have definitely sent me to areas I never thought I would go to and enjoy. Should be pretty amazing when we meet too.
I’d like to hear more about your project if you’re okay sharing. What kind is it? How many people go?  Sounds like it’s a big deal, I’m impressed. 
I’m attaching two pics for you, one so you can see my face and imagine kissing me! The other is just my ankle, it’s the only “body part” I have.  Feel free to share whatever you’re comfortable with. Btw, I’ve been imagining taking that black bra off of you :-).
From: Sassy
To: SmoothGuy
Sent:  Jan 27, 2013 10:21 am
Subject: Feet and more
Good morning! 
I’ve been thinking about you… marveling at how brave and sexy you are in new territory.  Thank you for trusting me and sharing so well.  Maybe next time you can type and I will moan.  🙂  This is usually where I’d start wanting you to call me, so you can hear the results… but my voice is still crap from the cold and I don’t want you to hear me cough! 
Thanks for the photos, handsome!  I am smiling at your sweet face and wondering why you have a photo of your sexy foot?  I lucked out! I hope it wasn’t hurt!  I must confess to having focused on your inner upper thigh awhile too… yum. 
I am used to talking about my project work all the time, but sadly, it is now the number one way to crack my anonymity.  Which sucks because it is a big deal, and a big part of my life and really fun!  I wish you could see the fruits of my work, and I would slip in beside you and hold your hand.  I never have a man to sit with, laugh with, cry with at these things… I wish we had met before, as I think you would get it on a number of levels.  But it is tough to trust that much without knowing more about you, knowing if we’ll have a nice coffee and go our separate ways, or carry on.  It would be an easy way to understand a lot about me in less than 2 hours… very very tempting to talk you into being there.  Would you come in the city on a winter Saturday afternoon? It would certainly make for a unique meeting place.  But there will be others.  We’re working on lots more later this year!  
I find it rather fascinating that you have reached our advanced age without going these places…  I do feel like a master pastry chef who has shown you her chocolate chip cookies. There is a lot more to explore!  I can’t wait to see which treats you like. 
Here’s another little loop .gif to watch… 10 second idea that I hope will lead to other thoughts.  Be sure you are alone! 
Have a marvelous Sunday! 

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