Penguin slips

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Conference Day!  Off to work early to herd cats!
7:49am Phil
Well enjoy!  Pot Roast came out great!  I love to cook which is a good thing or there would never be a meal in that house. I like to plan the meal out and buy the ingredients and then play with the recipe and see how it comes out.  The roast melted in your mouth, it was fabulous.  I also clean, wash dishes and do laundry. 
Tonight is dinner at the Bigwig’s but I am thinking about a pasta dish for Friday night, just not sure what yet.  Maybe paella, I have all the stuff. will see, enjoy the conference, I am herding Bigwigs around all day.
5:18 pm

I don’t know why this strikes me as so funny, but it DOES!  
Check out this 11-second video:
A group of penguins are filmed walking across the ice in the South Pole. Watch how, as one of the penguins loses his balance, the rest of the group react in a remarkably funny way.

Hope you had fun with the bigwigs.  Did they feed you well?  
I survived the conference… I was a model of delegation!
Sleep well, sweet man.

2 thoughts on “Penguin slips

  1. Simplicity says:

    Love the video! It was almost like they were making fun of him! Penguins are so cute!

  2. I don’t know what it is about it – I can watch it over and over!

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