Monday, January 14, 2013
11:21am Phil
Hey Sass! Have a great week!  It all gets better eventually! Enjoy the day!

Been reading a book and they like to lunch at Legal. Makes me smile!

[photo of him in a hoodie at the gym]
Just finishing at the gym
Good morning, sweaty kid!  You look so hot and sexy!  Yum!

It’s 55 here, wish we could stroll outside together and end up at Legal for lunch!!  Have a marvelous Monday!

4:20pm Phil
Photo of the day
[photo of his smiling face, naked shoulders and chest… yum]
Damn…those shoulders…drool!!
4:50pm Phil
Been working on them
They take my breath away
And make my insides woogle
5:32pm Phil
[photo from above of his smiling face, naked shoulders and chest… mmmm]
Woogle woogle
5:42pm Phil

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