Shiny nipple

December 30, 2012
4:58pm Phil
Did I do something wrong or you just busy?
Ha ha…you rarely do anything wrong!  I posted three photos for you to see…was out visiting friends about an hour out of town
5:01pm Phil
Think my phone is jacked up. Got no photos
On my wall…
What have you been up to kid?

5:05pm Phil
Ooh Sushi! Not much, worked out, made dinner, watching football
Oh stop! Just having fun
Need to bury that cock in a hot pussy
Jumping in the shower
Need a tongue right behind my balls
Sorry I was bad last night. Spank me baby!
Working out! Have a great day!
Ok ok, since you asked
You not talking to me anymore?
I love you!
5:09pm Phil
I love you too my sweet sexy hot girl
I am asleep…dreaming of rimming your ass and pressing toys up into it while you soar!
5:11pm Phil
I’d love that, love your tongue in my ass and a finger or toy. Sends me through the roof!
I love shoving my tongue up a tight sweet ass and appreciate when the favor is returned
Lying in my bed, legs spread…waiting for you
5:13pm Phil
I really need it
Been a long time
I want you
5:14pm Phil
On the couch watching tv
I want you to fuck me
5:16pm Phil
Take my cock, place it inside you, stick your tongue in my mouth and ride baby
Put your hands on my tits – squeeze, twist and tweak
5:18pm Phil
I’m ready, bury it deep, hard, long strokes
[photo of his erect cock]
Oh yeah, love those big tits
Damn it.. I want that cock!!!
5:20pm Phil
It ain’t all that.
Put it where it belongs, in the dark, wet,.. hot place!
Trust me…I been shopping and you’ve got the best meat
And you know how to use it!
5:22pm Phil
Which one, I want them both
It stays hard anyway
All three are yours!
5:23pm Phil
Oooooh. I know two are amazing, can’t wait to try the third
I want that tight ass. Always did.
Only done anal once and it was unreal!
[photo of me lying in bed with my legs spread and my hand in my panties]

5:28pm Phil
Oh yeah, very and she was so into it
Rub that pussy
I like it!
It aches for you…
5:29pm Phil
It was just hot as hell
You just had a cock there
I want you to do it
Was good but not like yours!
5:32pm Phil
Looking forward to it
Kinda like an okay hamburger…makes me want your steak!
I’d lay you back on that couch and fuck you
5:35pm Phil
Ummmm, I like it!
Just take it
[completely black photo]
5:42pm Phil
Pics dark baby
Don’t have your camera skill…supposed to show my ass!! Ha ha
5:43pm Phil
I’m flexible
[photo of my erect nipple and boob]

5:46pm Phil
Oh that’s nice!
Ready for your mouth
5:49pm Phil
Uuuummmmmmmm, gotta coat it in pussy juice
There’s plenty
5:57pm Phil
Show me, make em wet
[photo of my wet shiny nipple and boob]

7:11pm Phil
Oh damn, thats hot!
7:37pm Phil
Look at that nipple shine!

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