FFF “And to all a good night”

It’s time for a Christmasy Flash Fiction Friday.  Advizor54 was full of the holiday spirit and gave us this sassy photo to inspire us to this challenge.  Pop over to his blog to see what he and other bloggers wrote.
Tell me a tale of Christmas Wishes Come True
So here is my Final FFF of the year
Required Phrase: “And to all a good night”
Word Limit:  NONE.  Go long, go short, just go and write
Bonus Words: None needed, but give yourself an extra 50 if you were good this year 75 if you were bad
Extra Credit: Give your own personal Santa a roaring finish to 2013
“Ho, ho, ho… so what is your name my dear?” Santa asked.  The gorgeous young woman giggled. 
“Cookie, ” she replied, staring up at him in wonder. 
“And your compatriot’s name?” He asked the other beauty sitting near the fireplace. 
“Milk,” she replied, starting to laugh as well.  
Santa smiled. He leaned between them to ogle their chests and read the note.  
“Thought you might like a different treat this year.  – Hugh” 

5 thoughts on “FFF “And to all a good night”

  1. Tom says:

    Christmas at the Playboy Mansion… I love it.

  2. Sillyone says:

    Oh, that was decidedly naughty and fun.

  3. Advizor54 says:

    I want to be Santa next year!!!

  4. Measha Stone says:

    I think I know someone who’s going to be on the very nice list next year! Well done!

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