Yet another woman

Year 3 Week 21
Wednesday, December 26, 2012
9:09am Phil
Got a great bottle of scotch, cologne, an awesome Team Sweatshirt! Back to work today.  Nice to be out of the house.  I hate weekends.
I’m not working! So wonderful!  I can feel the weight of it lifting… Going to the bank to deposit checks -OMG Philip, my family is soooo generous!  Life changing!  Getting the car detailed.  Little thing that makes me happy.
9:21am Phil
Oh that’s awesome! I’m glad you had a great Christmas.  We did not have much under the tree this year but my kids did such a great job and we had so much fun giving out gifts yesterday.  I got things I really liked, amazing bottle of Scotch, my cologne, some cigars.  It was great! Glad yours was too.  My wife wanted a Coach purse, a bracelet and some small things that I bought.  It was OK.  Had an old friend pop back into my life yesterday. Interesting development. When it rains it pours.
Would I know this old friend?  Such fun!  I commented on a blog Monday night, and the blogger emailed me.  So fun to poke around in a writer’s head.  Too bad he’s in Mississippi!  Several chatters sent greetings and we got talking… I adore hearing their storiesI  Nice that Christmas makes people reach out.
10:08am Phil
No, this is a friend from my first years in the military.  She was married to my best man. We have been friends over the years, very good friends at one point.
10:37am Phil
Where did you go?
Must have gotten busy.
Heard from all of my family which was wonderful and some wonderful old friends, also very nice
I’m right here… wondering what “very good friends” means…
Family okay?
10:40am Phil
Family is fine.  We had dinner, drinks, had a good time together.  
Could have been more. Pretty red headed southern girl.
So she’s divorced now?
10:42am Phil
They did the typical big family dinner and party, breakfast, the whole shebang.  I miss all that so much.  It was always so much fun and my Mom’s whiskey Sours were a holiday tradition.
Yeah, has been for many years.  My Mom loves her, they chat on the phone, exchange cards.
Never talked to my cousin, gotta touch base with him.  He is my favorite – we were always very close.
Is he still talking about getting married?
10:46am Phil
Yeah but not sure that will happen.  He and the gal are happy as they are which is fine.
I have a boat load of admin to do and just don’t feel like it. My brain is floating all over the place. I probably need to go to the gym and sweat some.
I should get to the bank… but I like talking to you better.
Wish I could help you sweat…
Focus your mind on my chest!
10:52am Phil
I like your chest.
I would like to oil it and rub your back with it… then your front…
10:57am Phil
Fred (that’s the old friend, short for Frederica) was an unexpected surprise.  Good to hear from her. Fucks with my head a little bit but still good to hear from her. I could very easily have run off with that girl.
Oooooh, that sounds like fun!
Where is she now?
10:59am Phil
She is still close to D.C.
She used to wear running shorts way back when and I’d sit across from her and could see up the shorts. I thought she never knew, turns out she knew and liked it. She never wore a bra back then and wow. I got an eye full of those apparently on purpose.  I’m so stupid, I never knew.
Ha ha.  SO glad you got my signals eventually.
11:03am Phil
I’m slow on the up take
Never imagined any one would really want me like that.
Trust me… most women would.  You are good looking and project a very sexy nice guy vibe that makes women swoon.
11:05am Phil
I am a nice guy I think.
I try to be any way. I have lived a fairly loveless life though and I am more than ready for that to change.
11:12am Phil
No lie! Not sure why this little red headed minx popped up but damn. She’s one of those girls that’s built like wow, gorgeous red hair, sweet little southern drawl. We used to play pool in a sports bar and guys would walk by me and comment, you’re one lucky son of a bitch. I wasn’t but it was nice of them to say. Always nice to walk into a place with the best-looking woman there.
Heh… good memories.
Watch out for redheads… several of the guys in chat are playing with them and they’re HOT. 
11:28am Phil
[photo of him sitting at an outdoor bar with his arm around a buxom red head who has her arm around his neck]
This one is too!
Wow!  Quite a looker.  And the gal is nice too. 
11:32am Phil
Yeah very nice. Just a sweet heart, amazing cook, owns a jeep, loves boats, shoots, hikes,
11:37am Phil
DO we look like buddies?
Been friends for over 37 years
Princess and the frog.
Ha ha…you are drooling.
11:39am Phil
Yeah, a little bit I think
Do you get to fool around before you settle down?
I’m sitting outside Dunkin donuts again.  H is addicted to their pancake sausage bites.
11:48am Phil
Huh? With whom?
I love dunkin donuts.  Like their smoked sausage and coffee
try not to eat that stuff but once in awhile, yum
Fred would run off with me in a New York minute if that’s what you are asking.
Not what I’m asking.  Does she know you and your wife aren’t so hot?
11:52am Phil
Oh yeah, she has always knew that.  She figured that out 30 years ago. She talks to my Mom all the time. so she knows and we talked about it a lot.
Cool.  Smart woman!
12:14pm Phil
Talking to Mom?  Yeah, Mom keeps asking why I don’t date Fred.  Fred fills her head with what a wonderful guy I am.
Sitting @ the car wash….car is going to sparkle!
I could tell your mom the same…
2:37pm Phil
I know.  Just spent an hour on the phone.  Amazing call.
Who with?
2:39pm Phil
Fred. catching up.
Great!  I’m starting to get a complex… I think you talk to everyone in the world except me!
2:40pm Phil
[my mobile number] right? 
That’s my mobile!
[He called me and we talked for an hour]
3:45pm Phil
She wants to lick and suck my toes?
I’d start there…
3:48pm Phil
That’s what my coffee with her has turned into.
Ah… the slippery slope…
Coffee… toes tantalizing… what next?!
3:52pm Phil
Something about riding me like a bucking bronco or was it fucking bronco. Not sure.
Why can’t my life be simple?
What do you say to a gorgeous red head who you have wanted for 37 years?  Here’s my big toe?
“Yes please” comes to mind…
3:58pm Phil
That’s what I thought too.
Okay… here’s my answer.  You should do exactly what you feel like doing… just be careful she doesn’t see it as a promise of some kind unless you mean it that way.  You’ve been a good boy all your life and been miserable, it’s time to live a little, enjoy… know your options…
4:04pm Phil
I really like this girl a lot, a lot. I always have. She is amazing, funny, loving, gorgeous, strong. Raised her kids on her own and they are successful, well adjusted adults
So why not?
4:07pm Phil
Why not what?  I know she would stand by my side through thick or thin. There would never be any bar guys, just me.
Is she about our age?
4:08pm Phil
Not such a bad thing. She is 56.
Girl looks good for 56
Cup of coffee will tell a lot.
Yes indeed.  Don’t get ahead of yourself… explore, learn, find her good and bad qualities… you say you always think the best and only find out more later… try to do better this time, ask the important questions up front.  Or just go for it, what the hell?
4:23pm Phil
I spent enough time with her to know a lot of that. stayed at her place many times.  I’m just going to look and see how we feel and how coffee goes. I know her background, know her kids, knows my entire family, we have always been very comfortable together
4:29pm Phil
many good qualities, never seen any bad. She’s just a sweetheart, got a temper though and I like it.  She’s feisty, typical red head but much nicer
4:48pm Phil
Gotta go run an errand. I’ve always been such a straight as an arrow guy, did what was expected, what I was supposed to do.  How do I find myself in a position like this?
It’s not a bad position but it gets complicated pretty quickly.
Welcome to my world.
4:49pm Phil
The only certainty is that I need to be out of what I’m in
You are pretty straight and level too
It will all work out.
Yup.  Better life for both of us.
5:01pm Phil
I could end up with either woman and live happily ever after.  Both passionate women who love life, have a great time, and are very caring, family oriented people. One has depression issue, some drinking issues and gets stupid when she drinks a lot.  Would have to work on that. The other is sexy, likes to be naked, quiet country girl and then can dress up in 6 inch heels, something low cut and dance her ass off. I like those heels and nails. Always wanted to feel nails biting into my shoulder or back from a woman getting off.
5:08pm Phil
Wow, the nails part?
All of this… just… a little jarring after the past couple weeks…
5:12pm Phil
The Beach Gal’s issues are what they are. I’m happy to accept them and work them. I’m crazy about that girl. Fred has always been a fantasy. Still is. When I say coffee, I mean coffee. She would take more but I’m not offering that.
good and bad in everyone… just depends on how you feel with them.
I get along well enough with Fred that it would be an easy thing to do but I really love The Beach Gal.  She does have her issues, she drinks too much and I told her we needed to fix that, it impacts the depression and when she gets drunk, she has no discretion, says and does what ever she feels like which is another reason to address the drinking. She has been doing well the past several weeks and I am thrilled by that. Have to say I am curious about Fred though. Would have been very easy to go much further than just having some fun. Be good to see her.
I’m not letting go of The Beach Gal any time soon. Can’t ever be another guy in a bar though. I will walk away.  I can’t deal with that and told her so. Has to be me and just me. She can have coffee with who ever she wants.
From my experience, the picking up men in the bar is just her casting about without you. If you appear, it will end.  Just as it would with me. Because you are all a gal needs.
5:25pm Phil
I think so too but she did it with me there before.  Found her outside with a group of guys around her, kissing the guitar player on break, we were together then. Can’t happen again. I can’t take that. I love her to death but she scares me a little. A little flirting is one thing, going home with them another
Hmmm… that is a little freaky.
5:27pm Phil
Yeah, worries me a little
Only happens when she drinks a lot
Couple beers and she is ok
What does chat say about that?
The other one, never left my side, all about me
Thought that book was closed though, stunned and delighted to hear from her
God is telling you something but I don’t know what

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