Monday, December 24, 2012
7:40am Phil
I love it!  LMAO
8:03am Phil
Sent this off to The Beach Gal with a good morning baby. Just out of bed and at the gym. I called and she could not stop laughing and giggling. Said I love you much and then completely lost it, snorts and all .  It’s Christmas Eve day! Hope you have a fabulous day!
[close-up photo of his face]
Happy Christmas Eve!  It’s so wonderful to read your bouncy messages!
4:36pm Phil
Merry Christmas baby! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve!
Thanks kid!
4:37pm Phil 
[photo of him in a winter football hat and jacket]
Hiaya Handsome.  Horrible football hat.  Sexy face!
You look like it’s cold out?
4:42pm Phil
It’s freezing!
Come on! It’s a sexy hat!
Okay then… here’s a nutcracker… think he’s sexy?
4:50pm Phil
Nuts for the cracker       
[photo of him from the side from the waist to knees with his cock and balls sticking out of his pants]
Yum yum yum. 
You going to church?  I really miss it on nights like this… the music especially.
5:58pm Phil
No, and I do miss it. Going to a party. Having a hard time this year. Not where I want to be or who I want to be with.
Think “this is the last time.  Next year with The Beach Gal!”
5:59pm Phil
It’s all I think about
Better days are coming for you!
6:03pm Phil
That’s an ugly ass nutcracker
Hee hee hee.  Same as the hat!
6:04pm Phil
Going off to bed so Santa can visit!  
Have a very Merry Christmas, kid.  Spread good cheer!

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