Truck’s Cuck Fantasy

From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 2:53 PM
Hee!  I do adore it when I “push the right button.”  
This is a new area for me… not sure where I fit into it all, but I am having fun exploring.  I read a sexy blog by a bi-curious guy who thrives on thinking of his wife with other men, both to see her get pleasured and to touch the man.  He has given me a new spin on videos and insights into what my husband and my old flame may be thinking when they do things that were inexplicable to me.

I also talk with a guy who is the lover of a hotwife – they let hubby watch them.  It’s not his main thing – he just wants to fuck the woman.  If her husband is sitting in a chair over there, whatever.  The husband keeps a spreadsheet of things they do and gets off looking at that later!  

Thank you for sharing your fantasies.  Hearing these stories is so interesting… I learn so much!  It’s so great that you get it that you can talk to me! 
From: Mr Truck
Dec 7, 2012 12:06 pm
To: Sassy
Subject: re: MILF Filth
So hot you have men friends who share real, ongoing experiences like this with you. Moves it out of fantasy to reality for me. 
We should sometime talk about how you would cuck ME, pretending we were married or just a long time couple. A lot of cuck fantasies involve degrading the man, which i’m not all that into. I like when the woman helps the man get used to the idea of her dating and making love to other men. then eventually informing her mate that she’s planning on bringing a few of them home, and when she does, she flirts and kisses the boyfriend in front of her mate, all the while keeping eye contact with him, watching his reactions, seeing how erect he’s getting. I like the idea of her taking her lover to the bedroom and closing the door, the I masturbate while listening to them fuck for an hour. She tells me she will eventually want me to come in and watch, especially if she feels that I’d learn something from one of her lovers…
What did you hubby or old flame do that was inexplicable to you?

One thought on “Truck’s Cuck Fantasy

  1. JFBreak says:

    I’d kill to see this spreadsheet!

    The whole concept of this hotwife and cuck thing is not for everyone, I assure you. But for those men who get off on it, there is some something very powerful about the idea of knowing that after all this pleasure has been given, the wife is going home to the husband and not the lover. It is so far from what people imagine marriage or committed relationships to be, but I think it is closer to our natural instincts (for both women and men) than people realize.

    On my road to middle-age, I have figured out that a committed social relationship (man-woman, man-man, woman-woman,whatever) is ideal for not only living but raising a family. But somehow, we tied sex to that committed relationship. Why shouldn’t you go have sex with someone else if you aren’t getting what you need at home, and if your husband gets off on that idea, doesn’t it make your primary committed relationship work that much better?

    It isn’t for everyone – that’s for sure.

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