Exposed in public

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Good morning! Dashing to work but want to say you rock! You are so good to me. Thanks! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Hiya kid. Hugs! Tonight I have the “exposed in public” tumblr… not quite sure if it’s interesting or creepy, but an interesting look. Enjoy!
I love it when people are naked outside, exposing their beautiful bodies to the sun and anyone that…
12:12am Phil
I like it. Would like to expose you in public as you lean over the balcony railing being pounded by hard cock. I like to be naked outside, like sex outside. Hugs back 🙂
Oh, that sounds incredible! I had a feeling this might entertain you… I wish it showed men! 🙂 Sweet dreams, kid.
12:19am Phil
 You too babe. Sweet dreams!

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