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Monday, November 26, 2012
8:32am Phil
We did.  Miss my kid already.  Got to do a lot together and had a great time.  Back to work and all that goes with that. Busy several weeks coming up and then a couple easier weeks at the end of December and then full bore into the new year.  Hope you have a good week, enjoy the day!
Hiya kid.  Hope you had a great Monday.  I found five images that mesmerized me today! … wondered which one you’d like right now?  Enjoy!
A. The ride (it moves)
B. The back door (it moves too)
C. The office
D. Lakeside
E. Double dipping (it moves)

7:26pm Phil
Loved double dipping. That got a rise.
Really liked lakeside too. Love it outdoors.
By a lake, in a boat, on the beach mmmmm

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