That kind of week

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Hey, kid.  What’s up?  We just had sushi dinner @ Sis’s.  Yum.

Hope you’re having a great evening.

10:16pm Phil
Mess at work.  Mega-bigwigs and civilians involved.  Stinks.  Been called incompetent, mentally ill, stupid, ignorant, homophobic and a host of other things.  Been that kind of week
Holy sheet!
10:19pm Phil
Yeah. Great fun. Must be crazy people off their meds
Military people letting outsiders fight their battles?
So sorry… you don’t need this in addition to everything you have to do!
I’ll trade you though.  I get to meet with my dickhead boss and his boss and my union rep tomorrow.  Their dragging in HR because I can’t do 2 jobs at once and never take days off.  Union rep says they are breaking all sorts of rules.  But it mostly means I can’t stay here.  Have to job hunt.  May lose all my doctors when I can’t walk and have wacky blood sugars.  Ugh.
I will pray for better days for both of us!
Feel free to unload on me if it helps… I know you are not any of those things!  You are a good man!

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