FFF Invitation

It’s time for Flash Fiction Friday!  With a Halloween theme!

Required Words – “Invitation” AND “nightfall”
Word Limit – 2 stories of 333 words each
Forbidden words – Vampire, Succubus
Bonus Points – Put something real about yourself in the story, but you don’t have to tell us what it is.

Extra Words – Share your story with 2 friends who don’t know you write like this. You get 100 extra words for this one.
Pop over to Advizor54’s blog to see what he and other bloggers saw in this photo.  And join in yourself!  My take is below.  Happy Halloween!  


His screaming woke me.  My son has nightmares, but they’ve gotten more frequent since my wife died.  I dashed to wake him, holding him as reality returned.  He was sitting up, whispering, “I will… I will Momma.” 
I miss her a lot too.  I almost gave up when they told me a drunk driver had taken my soulmate away in a gruesome crash.  But I kept on… one day at a time… for my son.  
He stared at me.  “She handed me a gold envelope with an invitation, like the ones I get for birthday parties? It said, ‘Bring him.’  I know what it means.  We have to go to Mount Auburn!”  
My wife loved Mount Auburn Cemetery.   It’s a gorgeous arboretum with well-kept flower beds and beautiful trees, amazing sculptures and such deep history in it’s graves from the Victorian era on up!  It was her favorite place to walk, to talk about the famous people and look at the birds.  My son loved to climb the stone tower (that looks like a rook from a chess set), to look out over the entire area on a fall day.  She had an album full of photos of flowers and headstones.  On a rainy day we’d click through that and tell the stories.  It was typical of her way of finding beauty and fun in the strangest places.  
We cremated her broken body and sprinkled the ashes in the beautiful spruce knoll of tall trees and low strawberry plants.  We talked of visiting her on sunny afternoons, but I haven’t been able to make myself go.  
My son tugged at my t-shirt.  “We have to go, Daddy. Today.  It’s very important!  I’ll help you smile!” 
“I dunno, kiddo, it’s Halloween.  We have a lot to do after school. We might not get there until after nightfall.”

“It won’t take long.  Please? I promised.  I’m going back to sleep right now so I can stay up.  Something magical might happen!”  

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  1. “Something Magical might happen…..” Oh, how sweet. Apparently he hasn’t watched too many ‘bring mommy back from the dead’ movies. He’ll learn. Each week i’m happy to see so many different takes on the same picture. You all make my Friday’s so much better. Great FFFing with you!!!

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