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It’s Flash Fiction Friday!  Here’s the challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  Click over there to see what he and the other wonderful writers saw in this photo.  My take is below.  Bloggers join in!

              Required Phrase – “Follow the cat”        

              Word Limit – 225
              Forbidden words – Pussy, Black, Halloween, Fear
              Bonus Points – Keep the body count low (next week is different) 
              Extra Words – Make the cat her cat.


Time for my date!  I showered, shaved, clipped my nails, did my hair… ready to go!  I grabbed my long raincoat from the hall closet, slipped it over my naked body and belted it firmly, checked my look in the mirror to be sure I wasn’t showing too much.  I slipped into my clogs and locked my front door, making sure my cats were inside.  I strolled out down the outer hallway of my loft apartment.  There… I should be cat-dander free and not set off my new lover’s allergies!  He is so worth the added prep. 
The first time we met, we sat outside on a park bench and didn’t touch.  We talked for an hour.   I really liked him!  Please please let him want to see me again!  
He sent me an email that evening – asked me if we could get together the next day?  YES!  
We sat in my car.  Mmm… a great kisser!  With wonderful hands making me squirm in my seat!  Then he sneezed… a lot.  And his eyes swelled up.  “Do you own cats?” Here we go with yet another way a meet can go south!  Arrrgh!  I was sure he’d dump me.  But no!
I made my way down the hall.  Oh no!  The neighbor’s cat!  Get out of the way!  I was going to have to follow the cat and not touch her!  Argh! 

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6 thoughts on “FFF Follow”

  1. LOL!!!!! Allergies strike again!!! They say that a sneeze is close to an orgasm, so maybe you can find a way to leverage his condition, but I have to say, that the “naked under a rain coat” is a great strategy as well. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Will it be even funnier if I admit the middle three paragraphs happened this week? and right this minute I am trying to figure out what measures to take to see him again without making him sneeze? Oy….never a dull moment in my meets!

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