On again again

It didn’t take long for AM #1 to get back to me.  So maybe the excuse about his daughter’s rehearsal had been true?  He said he was so sorry and we should plan another date.  I sent him a photo of my cleavage to entice him a bit more!  I know… bad bad Sassy!

Here’s part of his response, so typical of his charming self….

Hubba hubba! Wowza! Va-va-va voom! And any other sound of pleasure that isn’t quite an articulate word, because that’s how I feel after knowing you wore your lucky black bra just for me and after seeing those luscious breasts. I would love the chance to bury my face in them and explore!:-)  

The weekend and next week are tricky for me, but I can guarantee Monday night the week after if that works for you. I have a rare work event in downtown Boston until 7:00 that night. Can we get together afterward? (read that last question picturing me saying it in a seductively pleading tone with my baby blues locked right into your eyes so closely you can feel my breath flow into your mouth, my chest pressing up against your breasts and a throbbing in my pants up against your hips while we hold hands).

How could I say anything but yes?  It means another 10 days of teasing and tantalizing… yum!  Something about him makes my mind race in so many sexy directions!  I fantasize about hugging him… laughing with him… walking to my car and him kissing me.  Mmmm….

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