No iced chai latte

Michael J. Fox

It was a beautiful warm Fall day, more like high summer than an October Friday.  I took the day off, had lunch with a gal pal in the burbs so I wouldn’t get so nervous, then headed to meet him at 2 pm at the Starbucks about a mile from there, near his office.  
We had a back and forth in email – he was out running errands at lunch and kept trying to move up our meet,  “I’m at the store, can we meet here?”  
“No, sorry… I’m at lunch with a friend.”
“I’m at the bookstore now, can you come here?”  
“Never mind, stick with the plan.” 
He’s blond – looks like Michael J. Fox with glasses, only taller, in olive khakis and a pale plaid light blue dress shirt, another 6’2″ 200 pounder.  I wore blue slacks with a black button up jersey top with a silky blue scarf.  
When I walked up, he was sitting on the patio at Starbucks, reading his phone.  I gave him a quick hug and he smiled.  He said, “You’re not really thirsty, right?  Let’s go sit in your car. Ok?”  
For the record, I had been looking forward to a nice chai latte all day.  I hate it when a guy changes the plan!  First off, it made him look cheap.  He can’t even spring for a small chai?  Geesh.  Second, I had psyched myself up to sit opposite him in a public place and suddenly he wanted me to be completely alone with him?  ARRRGH!  Don’t do this, guys. 
We walked over to my car.  He asked me if I was nervous.  I told him a little, and he gave me another hug.  It was reassuring.  We got in and he suggested driving around to the back of the complex facing the woods.  This creeped me out even more, but I went along.  There were still people around but it was more private than the front lot.  
Our conversation was strange.  He asked me about my luck on AM.  This is different… it is an unwritten rule that guys don’t ask what else is going on with that.  I told him I had met two other guys, but gave no details.  He said he was talking to a couple other women, but they were grilling him in weird ways like a job applicant rather than a friend or lover, and he was much more comfortable with me.  He seemed very nervous… I asked when his last affair was.  He said four years ago.  It ended badly.  The woman paid for a hotel for his birthday.  Her husband found the receipt.  She gave her husband his name.  The husband called his wife.  Ugh.  I told him that was not a concern with me – I have Hubby’s blessing and I would never give up any real life info.  That I help friends online fly under the radar, know all the tricks to stay safe.
He asked me real world details… I gave vague answers about where I live and where I work.  He did the same.
He stroked my arm and stared at me.  He has piercing blue eyes.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  I could not think when he did that.  I can’t wait until I am past that point!  I am so starved for touch… he watched me, marveled that so little contact could set me off.  I told him he knew why.  He asked if I would be upset if he stroked me elsewhere.  I smiled and he shifted to teasing a nipple through my clothes.  I had to cross my legs… all I could think about was kissing him.  But he stayed in his seat and every time I leaned slightly toward him, he looked away and said be careful, a guy was getting into a car two over etc.  He was scanning around constantly, seemed very nervous even when we were just sitting there talking.  
I put my hand on his leg midway between the knee and the top.  He covered my hand with his to keep mine from moving, and told me he wanted to go slow.  I put my hand on his cheek and we kissed once.  I pulled back but he followed and deepened it.  But very carefully… every time I tried to suck or lick, he backed off.  I began to think he didn’t enjoy it, so I went back to my seat and stared at him.  He played with my scarf, wrapping it around his hand.  
He talked about what he is looking for… said he is a switch. He likes to dom sometimes and be dominated others.  I had not run into that before.  It is not my thing, but I tried to stay open to his ideas.  It’s usually not as scary as I’m imagining.
He gave me another big kiss at the half hour mark and said he had to go back to work.  I assumed that meant he didn’t like me.  I smiled and he disappeared.  
I sat there replaying the meet in my mind, deciding that I was not bowled over by him. but he could be the kind of guy who takes awhile to get to know.  I do wish he had bought me an iced chai.
Before I could get home, there was a long email from him, saying how much he liked me, how he enjoyed listening to my breathing and watching his effect on me.  And he wants to see me again.  After the silence from The Dancing Man, it was a relief to hear from him.  
He emailed the rest of the day with different fantasies he wanted to be our next step.  I sent him to look at Freya’s tumblr… that really set him off – said he liked the dominatrix and her frilly panties.
If I had to decide right now, I would cut him loose.  But there is time to explore and understand more. So we’ll see…

I closed the day with one last email:

Hiya, Can’t go to bed without saying thanks again for making this a very special Friday.  Now when I say “Hugs with groping” you have a better idea of what I mean.  🙂  

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