FFF Insistent

Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge!  Click over the Advizor54’s blog to see what he and other great writers saw in this photo.  And join in yourself!  Here’s this week’s challenge:

Word Limit – 175
Required Word – Insistence/Insistent
Forbidden words – Bird, Bed, Beg, Big, Begin, Beguine, Bedouin
Extra Credit – Put them on vacation

Bonus Words – 25 extra if they are on their honeymoon
She was the hottest woman!  She knew what to do to make him explode!  One look and he was rock hard, racing to their room to lose himself in her body.  Every time was a new revelation in ways she could make him feel like a man in the best possible ways.  He was so lucky! 
Three days of wedding festivities left them no alone time.  They made it to the airport with 10 minutes to spare, teasing each other all the way to their honeymoon villa.  They made love late into the night… he smiled thinking of her mouth on him, her finger inside him.  He woke at dawn wanting more.  
She said no.  He was insistent… he wanted… needed her.  One finger changed everything.  He thought she was his second chance at happiness.  After meeting online, leaving their spouses, combining their families?  Day 1 of their honeymoon she was rejecting him in the crudest way.  
He got up, grabbed his phone and went out on the balcony, taking a moment to admire the incredible view.  Then hit speed dial #3.  
“Hiya Sassy!  Yeah… you were right.  Tell me again how you’ll suck on me when I get home?” 

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