Dancing Man

I got a wink from another man last night!  Another 6’2″ 200 pound guy in his 50s!

There was something about his profile… I couldn’t resist writing to him.  He wrote right back, gave me his Yahoo IM and said he wanted to chat!  Wow… that’s fast.  I haven’t chatted with anyone yet, but don’t see a reason not to.  I pinged him but we didn’t connect.

He found me first thing this morning.  We chatted on and off all day!  He is different from the other guys.. a salesman, very blunt, terse and right to the point.  He sent me a very hot full body photo… yum.

He asked very direct questions – Am I shaved or natural?  When was the last time I had sex?  He made it very clear what he wants – he wants to meet me and he wants to fuck!  He wants to meet at hotel on Friday!  I told him that’s a little scary.  He downshifted to meeting for a drink in the hotel bar, said no pressure but he’d get a room just in case.  We hashed through the brass tacks anyway – condoms, lube, fantasies… pouring quite a foundation to build a sexy encounter on!  I shared some porn and he shared back!  Wow.

Not sure what to make of all that.  He seems like a player, but… I want to play!  Terrified that he won’t want me once he sees me, but I am gaining confidence as more men contact me!

He told me that he teaches ballroom dance classes in his spare time, so that will be his nickname.

So to summarize my first week on AM:

     1) #1 charmed me, went quiet and is back chatting but hasn’t named a new date to meet.

     2) The Lawyer is meeting me for lunch on Thursday!

     3) The Professor writes faithfully every day, is talking about a phone call.

     4) Dancing Man wants to meet for a drink Friday!  Whee!

It makes me want to dye my hair, buy all new clothes and loose 100 pounds by Thursday!  Eeek!

The online dating thing still doesn’t seem like my scene, but maybe it will lead me to somewhere better!

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  1. I say even if it isn’t your scene, embrace it! You never know, someone might surprise you 🙂 Or you might surprise yourself! Either way, we are having an absolute blast reading your stories, I can’t wait to hear about the DATES!

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