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Wow!  Things are happening fast on the Ashley Madison front!  I’ve only been on there a week and I am learning a lot, in the midst of talking to three men!  It doesn’t feel like my kind of place.  But it did cheer me up. 
So I’ve tested the waters, found out men will write to me and write back to me.  Yay!  Now the much tougher test… meeting in person.  Gulp.  
I have a DATE!  with a MAN!  Gosh… I didn’t think I’d ever say that again!  
Tom, the lawyer who worked at my old firm, asked me to meet him for lunch on Thursday!  
Lunch invitations are considered a good sign.  If he was cheap or iffy, he’d ask to meet for coffee at Starbucks.  Heh.  I am telling Sis and Hubby about it, as a safety precaution.  
What am I going to wear?  What are we going to talk about?  What if he is a creep?  What if he doesn’t like me?  What if I don’t like him?  What if we like each other – then what?  Arrrrgh!!!!
Scot, the professor, sent me several messages today.  He told me enough to find his web site, seems fine with me knowing who he is.  That freaks me out a bit… but I’m rolling with it.  
Of course, I really wanted to hear from Kevin and he’s silent.  Figures.  
Wish me luck!  

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