Hearing from MEN!

I lost my bet that no man would contact me!  It took less than 24 hours after I signed up!

Many of the women in chat have tried Ashley Madison at one point or another, and told tales of getting 800 emails the first day and being overwhelmed but then getting to pick exactly what they thought they wanted and being lavished with attention.  I knew it would not be like that when I listed my weight (even fudging downward by 20 pounds).  
I had no idea how I would choose.  I’ve never chosen a man in my life!  They always approached me, mostly online, one at a time, years between offers.  What would happen if I got contacted by more than one man?  How could I tell anything from a profile?

So on the first day I checked the “viewed me” list and 47 men looked at my profile!  I checked the “Messages” area – 5 “winked”at me (the free way to say “I see you there and would like to talk”) and I got 3 messages (which cost money).  Of the three messages, 
  • one was canned and boring – I don’t think he looked at my profile, 
  • one was awful “text speak” “Hey How R U Babe? Wanna chat?” and 
  • one had potential.  

Now what?

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