Touching Researching Remembering and Cream Pie!

Dear Readers,

I am so lucky to have found sexy blogs and get the chance to read the thoughts of other bloggers!  I am astonished every day at the superb and sexy stories they put out there… sharing their private yearnings and adventures with the entire internet and me!  Wow!

Some weeks they are good writers.  But this week?  Six bloggers have published posts so outstanding I have to recommend them to you:

James of Break Out 
The Veronica Story series
It’s enthralling and honest and hot!  I can’t wait to read how it turns out!

Sillyone of Teetering on the Brink of Normal
Searching for Touch
Deep thoughts and research about a basic connection

Max of Thoughts from a Mystic Saytr’s 
On Touch
Inspired by Sillyone, he wrote more – it set me ruminating for days

Tom of Three Spelling Mistakes
Orgy Etiquette
Best use of videos, analysis and questions regarding manners in bed

bhp of Both Hands Please 
Foreign Bodies series
A nostalgic and erotic look back at a special moment (with HOT photos)
(Scroll down to find part 1)

Last and definitely the most fun –

Ryan Beaumont of The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad
The Ashley Madison Projects Results (and reflections) series – 4 posts
Jump into his music, research, online dating and trademark goofiness!  Plus AM tips!

While you’re over there, read
When you get caught between the moon and (The Potomac River)
The combination of the music, the words and the story took my breath away!


If you’ve seen other stellar posts I should go see, please put them in the comments!  I am always looking for new blogs to read!

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