Sunday, August 5, 2012
7:49 am
Good morning! We’re off North to visit an older relative, then home. Here’s to a great Sunday for us both!
12:04 am Phil
Enjoy. Going to the beach!
4:50 pm Phil 
Stopped for a cold one
4:50 pm Phil 
at the Beach.

5:46 pm
Was able to put my hair UP!  Finally long enough! 

7:04 pm Phil 
An ice cold margarita
7:25 pm
Driving was nasty – heavy ran, fog, traffic but Sis did a great job. 
Made it home! Yay!
7:29 pm Phil
Glad to hear!
7:30 pm
Fun at the beach?
8:57 pm Phil 
[photo of him at a large wide beach]
What a great beach
9:43 pm Phil 
[close-up of him at the beach]
A good day
9:58 pm
Great photos! So super to see the surf and you…
12:29 am Phil
Glad you enjoyed. Had a great time
12:31 am
Just heading to bed… thinking of you and the feel of your skin on mine… mmm..
Sweet dreams, kid.
12:31 am Phil
I like my skin inside yours
12:33 am Phil
Sweet dreams Sass
12:33 am
Oh! That is… the best.
Damn… that caused a huge twinge here… you rascal.
12:34 am Phil
Mmmmm, glad
You should scratch that twinge
12:35 am
How would I do that?
12:35 am Phil
With your fingers silly girl
12:36 am
I want your fingers
12:36 am
Like your fingers wrapped around my cock
You do mine, I’ll do yours
I want your mouth
That seems more than fair. 
Can I call you? 
12:38am Phil
That’s good, be happy to lick that pussy till you scream
Spend some time sucking your clit
Sure, you have the room number?
no… type it out?
12:41am Phil
[phone number]

[We talked for a long time.  Yum.]

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