Sweaty tipsy pooped

Saturday, July 28, 2012
5:24 pm
Hiya, kid. You found another great spot! I had a super project mtg – training new lady to do publicity! Fed Hubby hot dogs before his project, and sat w/ pal from CT to catch up during intermissions. Nice crowd > almost 50! Home now… quiet evening ahead. Enjoy!

5:56 pm Phil
Having a blast. Great food and view.
Sounds like a busy day. I am off on the bike to explore
8:07 pm Phil
Great drinks and food.  
8:09 pm Phil
Oh yeah!
8:35 pm
You do that on purpose, don’t you? Post photo of you all sweaty? Ooof… that takes my brain places and then my body follows and mmmm…. thanks, kid.
9:05 pm Phil
Just finished riding the bike.
9:06 pm
Figured… but you know… my brain saw you doing… something else!
9:24 pm
Probably because I was watching a certain type of video when you posted that photo! 😉
9:25 pm Phil
9:26 pm
First one I’ve seen with a condom… she put it on him with her mouth!
9:27 pm Phil
Seen that before. Neat trick
9:35 pm
It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen… looks like normal people, possible situation. Good for a lonely Sassy on a Saturday night! 😉
10:28 pm Phil
Yeah this is hard to take
11:08 pm Phil
Family pose
11:47 pm Phil
12:04 am Phil
12:31 am Phil
Having dinner looking across the water, top shelf margaritas, swordfish tacos, life is pretty good
1:03 am
Are you getting tipsy?  was thinking I’d take advantage of you!
2:25 am Phil
Tipsy and pooped 🙁

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