Cuban Revolution

Year 2 Week 48
Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Good morning!  Safe travels!
Have a breast infection – cellulitis – typical after radiation.  Bleh. 
Off to doc @ 11 because they won’t trust me to diagnose and just call in pills.  Grr.

Hope you have a grand day and msg me a lot.  

Ah, time for the medical waiting room polka!  Whee!  
Thinking of you…probably going to elevate my bp and temp! 
Just had my breast examined…wish it had been you! 
Hubby talked me into driving him to Providence to see a musical.  
Should be fun.  Hope you’re having fun at the beach?

7:02 pm
Delicious Cuban food for dinner!

 Albondigas (meatballs) & crab bisque 
 Garlic shrimp tropical over rice
Nice night away – Cuban shrimp and a show.  Whee.
Sleep well, sweet man.

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