The best chest

Thursday, June 28, 2012
7:54 am
Good morning! Have a great Thursday!
8:40 am Phil
Morning. Sent you a boring picture.
8:41 am TEXT Hope I did not make you gag on your coffee
8:46 am
Photo didn’t come thru? Hope you didn’t send it to someone else!
8:47 am  Phil
Messaged to your phone
nothing bad, just a plain pic
8:50 am
Nope. Waah
8:50 am TEXT Phil [Photo of his naked chest in his office]
8:51 am TEXT Faints
8:52 am Phil Sent it again
8:52 am Phil Just an old Military Man
8:53 am Phil Good morning
8:53: am Hubba hubba
8:53 am Phil 😛
8:53 am Phil Still trying to get into shape
8:43 am Phil Harder at my age
8:54 am That photo?  Makes me want you sooooo bad!  Damn….
8:55 am I am so wet!  You set me off.  Again.  I hope that makes you hard as a rock!
8:57 am Phil LOL, old fat guys set you off?
8:58 am Phil Hate to see what happens when I get in shape
9:00 am You know what happens…
9:04 am You are making me late!  (photo w/my hand in my underwear)
9:22 am Phil LOL, glad to get your day started the right way
9:23 am About the best way you can do from there.  The best way would be a kiss
9:26 am And
9:27 am More of your choosing
9:23 am Phil Always a pleasure.  Was getting dressed and messing around.  Not a great photo but does show I am making progress.  Muscles firming up.  Was so much easier in my 30’s
9:33 am Means more now
9:33 am Send you a peppy tune
1:41 pm
How’s your day going? I am still soaring! That photo? Sexiest thing EVAR! Rascal. So HOT. Drooling over your beautiful shoulders, pecs, abs and that little hip crease that makes my tongue itch to trail down that line and lower… Arrrgh!
6:12 pm Phil
It wasn’t all that but thank you
7:41 pm
FYI – in chat the other night, a woman showed photos of men’s chests they posted on a dating site- their best shot, to interest women. NONE OF THEM could hold a candle to you. Not even close. So there.  😛 I know of which I speak. You’re hot!!!
11:54 pm Phil
Ahhh. Well I try
What up girl
12:15 am Phil Where you at girl?
12:23 am Phil
Naked, jerking off, wish I had some help
Ah well, gotta do it alone

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