Lake lunch

Year 2 Week 45
Wednesday, June 20, 2012
8:07 am
Happy summer! 95 today whee! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Philip.
8:11 am Phil
Good morning! Going to be the same here. Hot hot hot! Enjoy the day, stay cool!

3:15 pm
Took Mom out for lunch.  Beautiful Italian place by the lake in Marlborough.  The Italian wedding soup was delicious!

 Williams Lake 

4:33 am
Sis new house robbed! Sticking w/ her, her husband is away so up to me to keep her from screaming.  Hope your day is better than ours!
Just took inventory, waiting for police
6:02 pm
Home again. Wow. Major suckage. Over $5K worth of custom stuff gone. Police won’t do anything. Bleh. This was the one thing they could take that will screw up moving into the house and the sale of the old house. Ugh. Fye on thieves!
6:17 pm Phil
Oh wow! That sucks!

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