Dream Girlfriend

Monday, June 18, 2012
7:06 am Phil
That was awesome! Have a great day!
9:11 am
Good morning, kid. Home today. Busy time for you? Hope you have a productive Monday!
[We had a heavy discussion from 10:00 am until 4 pm that I can’t share… ]
4:40 pm
Here’s a little giggle.

7:55 pm Phil
Love it! A hand job done properly is the most incredible thing. Problem is finding someone willing to spend the time and energy. Explosive orgasm everytime if good slippery lube is used
Loved the video

8:01 pm
Hmmm… I think you know who is willing. wanting… ready to watch a man cum for the first time.
8:21 pm Phil
I shoot all the way over my head. Chest covered, on my face, it’s a hot mess but fuck…
8:22 pm
imagining that… drives me wild
8:23 pm Phil
8:24 pm
I would do what she did in the video… hear you moan, watch you thrash… then slide up your body… feel it on my chest…
8:30 pm Phil
That’s the way to do it

then press you inside me… ride you like a cowgirl

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