Saturday, June 16, 2012
Good morning handsome!  Gorgeous day – 60’s, clear… oh yeah!  Have a super Saturday, dear man! 
In Gloucester, wishing you were!
5:48pm Phil
I loved it there! Have fun!

Classic clam chowder at Lobsta Land

Tuna sashimi and scallops satay w/ Thai salad 

Lazy Man Lobster over rice pilaf 
Strawberry shortcake, chocolate mousse and creme brulee

Nichols Candy House 

Gloucester inlet


Home again.  Trip served its purpose – distracting my older sister.  Her best pal fell down a flight of stairs – massive brain injury, unplugged, waiting to hear she’s died.  Ugh.  Another “life is short” lesson.  Sigh.

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