FFF Apocalypse

Here’s the Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  
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Key Phrase:  “the impending apocalypse”
Word limit = exactly 200 words per section
Must not use the word “Zombie” or any form thereof
Bonus Points for telling us how the world ends


They’re sure?
It’s official. 
Six… maybe seven days. 
It’ll get hotter and hotter? 
Then… too hot.
Uh huh. 
Never thought they’d do it.
I did, but no sense worrying about it.
So we’re going to meet at last? 
Oh yeah. 
You sure this is what you want to do? 
Can you leave soon? 
Yes, in two hours.
Same… so… mid-afternoon tomorrow.  The summer house. 
We get to see each other! 
Did you ever think we would? 
Well… no. 
Funny how the impending apocalypse clarifies things. 
What if we don’t have… I mean… 
We’re friends, anyway. 
You’re pretty sure you’ll want to… 
Yes.  I have every intention of… 
How long can you stay? 
I have to go back to the wife and kids.  Before… the end. 
Of course. 
But I want to touch you… kiss you.  Taste you. 
Fuck me? 
Oh yes… several times! 
You better. 
I want to try that position… with your head over the edge of the bed.
You betcha.  And many others. 
And drink that tea… rooibos? in china cups.   
We can.  
And whatever you want.  
and look into your eyes and tell you… 
We will. 

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4 thoughts on “FFF Apocalypse”

  1. The last dance, the last chance for love…. Isn’t that how the song goes?

    It’s an interesting question, what would you do with the last 2 weeks of the world? Sounds like you’ve come up with a good answer.

    Great post

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