Free sushi

Thursday, April 26
7:18 am Phil
The show was fabulous. Such amazing voices. Brings tears to my eyes. They sang Sherri and I just had tears streaming down my face. Not sure what that was all about but it sounded so good. I just lost myself in the amazing music for a few hours and it was fabulous. I’m sure I have a busy calendar today. Had amazing ramen at a noodle bar downtown. Exactly like it’s made in Japan, it was to die for. All made up fresh in front of you and oh my lord. Was in the Macy’s food court. Lot of sodium in that stuff but I wanted it and I enjoyed it. I’ll run 15 minutes longer today. Enjoy your day.
7:34 am
Good morning! 43 sun. Dashing to prep for cleaners! You are so lucky to see these shows!
10:21 om
Hey, kid. Busy day? Things finally got back to normal at work… thank goodness. Got free sushi tonight – had a gift card leftover from my chemo gifts calendar. Yay!

Hope you had a good evening. Sleep dreams.

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