Blue panties chat

April 14, 2012 (continued)


4:38 pm Phil
Your chest is great.  I loved it! Bravo Sass!  Got my dick hard in those little shorts too!
4:41 pm 😉
4:41 pm Something to think about besides food…
4:42 pm Wow… I never got a bravo before!  Might have to send more photos
6:07 pm Phil: please!  Send more!
6:15 pm [sent a photo of my back side]
7:22 pm Phil: you need a cock buried in that ass
7:22 pm  Phil: damn girl!
8:18 pm  Hand in my pants over you [sent a photo of my hand inside my underwear]

8:55 pm Phil: rub that pussy
8:56 pm thinking of your beautiful cock in my mouth
8:57 pm Phil: mmmmmmm, god could I use that
8:58 pm Lick you from base to tip
10:20 pm Rub pre cum on my lips and kiss you
10:24 pm Phil: ummmm
10:49 pm Feel the back of my throat as I suck you… balls on my chin 
10:58 pm Phil: God, I need that
11:01 pm Remember how wet and hot my mouth is?  My hand pumping you, stroking you… 
11:02 pm Phil: god yes
11:05 pm Gonna pull you out at the end, watch you spurt a warm hot load on my tits and face
11:07 pm Phil: oh yeah, love to cum all over you
11:16 pm Want to see it… your cock exploding… feel it hit me and drip down… mmm… please…
11:18 pm Phil: would love to cover your face and tits 
11:25 pm Oh yes… imagining the hot look on your face, the sexy smell, the moans… and the taste and feel of it… mmmm
11:45 pm Phil: Eyes rolling back, cock spewing cum.  Damn
11:46 pm For reals?
11:48 pm yeah baby, damn it was good
11:49 pm mmf, that makes me so wet!  Churning inside…

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