Sweaty guy

Thursday, April 12
8:25 am
Good morning! 44 clouds. Stayed up too late in chat..2 am. Oops! But learned a lot. Busy day – sending off taxes, bank, doctor for random checkup, gearing up for big reception @ work next week. Whee! Hope you have a better day!
8:44 am Phil
2am? Damn! Must be some chat room. Promotions list came out, lot of bummed people. Opportunity is so small, sucks. Hope today is better too! Rare for me to get like that. I just go with the flow mostly. Ah well. Got my taxes done too. Hope your day is good!
12:38 pm
You are torturing me with these gorgeous photos of you… please don’t stop.  🙂
1:20 pm Phil
Huh? What photo? I dont recall any gorgeous photos
1:27 pm
That skinnier dude… hubba hubba! Waiting for the doctor- you’re gonna skew my pulse reading! Might spank you for that…
1:28 pm Phil
Oh, the I hate the gym picture. Just a sweaty old guy.
It makes me think about when you’re sweaty from other exercises
2:39pm Phil
That exercise burns a boat load of calories by the way. I am starting to feel like me again, body is finally responding, head is becoming unfogged. All good things.
So glad “you” are back!  I survived doc, blood draw, post office and bank in the pouring rain.  Woot!  Of course I was already wet thinking of you… Rock on, sweet man.

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